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[PRE-ANN] [BCTS] ✗✗✗ ⌦ BCTS Coin ⌫| Registrations OPEN | IPO OPEN | 500K | ✗✗✗✗



[PRE-ANN] [BCTS] ✗✗✗ ⌦ BCTS Coin ⌫| Registrations OPEN | IPO OPEN | 500K  | ✗✗✗✗ Empty [PRE-ANN] [BCTS] ✗✗✗ ⌦ BCTS Coin ⌫| Registrations OPEN | IPO OPEN | 500K | ✗✗✗✗

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[size=15pt]BCTS COIN ~ 500,000 Total Coins EVER! ~ Pure POS[/size]
#BCTS IRC Channel
@BCTScoin on Twitter!

[PRE-ANN] [BCTS] ✗✗✗ ⌦ BCTS Coin ⌫| Registrations OPEN | IPO OPEN | 500K  | ✗✗✗✗ S6RFn4f

[PRE-ANN] [BCTS] ✗✗✗ ⌦ BCTS Coin ⌫| Registrations OPEN | IPO OPEN | 500K  | ✗✗✗✗ Counter

I will be giving away a total 10,000 BCTS to the top 3 users who refer new members to join our site between now and May 31st.

To compete in this competition you will need to register at www.bitcointalknshop.com  and just share your referral link to users.

Top Prize - 5000 BCTS
2nd Prize - 3000 BCTS
3rd Prize - 2000 BCTS

You can see who is winning by viewing the stats at the bottom of the website on the main page.

We are also giving away a Free Antminer S1 to one lucky user.  To enter just reply to the following thread.


We are new community in the works that will allow many of us to stay in contact without all the FUD! we will also provide a place where users can sell items online for btc, alt-coins, and our own coin. And we will also provide escrow for safe transactions.
Our site will be a vBulletin forum with a market system and escrow system coded to allow users to List Items for Buy Now, List Items Wanted, and to List Items for Auction.  This will work alot like eBay and will have a sophisticated feedback system.  We will give the seller the option of using our own custom escrow system.

#BCTS IRC Channel
@BCTScoin on Twitter!

We need to raise around 10 BTC (to cover the cost of development of the custom scripts) to make this project a reality. We have 3 options for potential investors to invest into our coin and website.  We are using a escrow to handle the IPO and he will refund all BTC if we do not deliver a finished product that is fully working.

You can signup at our forum @ https://www.bitcointalknshop.com and start earning coins right now. Our coin will not launch until June 1st and the same for our market and escrow system.

[size=15pt]Help Needed?[/size]
We are looking for moderators to join our forum staff.  
We are looking to add a Coder with experience with PHP/mySQL
All staff postions will be paid with a set amount of shares of the websites on a monthly basis.

[size=15pt]Coin Info?[/size]
Symbol: BCTS
Initial Distribution: 250,000
Max Coins after POS: 500,000
More info will be available the week of the coin release

Coin Logo - 300 BCTS
1st Blog Post - 150 BCTS
2nd Blog Post - 150 BCTS
3rd Blog Post - 150 BCTS
4th Blog Post - 150 BCTS
5th Blog Post - 150 BCTS
Language Translation and Thread - 150 BCTS

[size=15pt]Option 1 - Coin IPO[/size]
We will sell 100 shares for .10 BTC per share and in return you will receive 1000 BCTS.
Dabs is handling the ESCROW for this project.

I have had a few users who said using the escrow was too complicated.  If you would like to bypass the ESCROW you can send your funds to 16TkU8keqfTjFhmn3CCdCj6xmXpWs5bc6G and please send an email to admin@bitcointalknshop.com with the TX Number of your transaction.

[size=15pt]Option 2 - Free IPO[/size]
Users who advertise our coin on other forums and blogs will receive 1 IPO Share for FREE!
1) Must include all data from OP
2) Must be posted on another site.  (Translations to not qualify for this bonus)
3) Must post the link of your forum or blog post in this thread.
4) Must be willing to keep the post up to date.


[size=15pt]Option 3 - Website Shares Auction[/size]
We will be selling 10% of the websites Profit to the public and we will share revenue reports monthly with all share holders. We will offer reports monthly to provide full transparency.
We will take offers for 5 shares worth 2% each.
How will our site make revenue? we will charge a transaction fee that will be based upon final value of every item sold. We will also charge a escrow fee for any transaction who wishes to use our escrow system and also offer Advertising.



15% (75,000 coins) will be used for contest, promotions and other giveaways at our website.
15% (75,000 coins) will be distributed to bitcointalk members, irc idlers, and giveaways on other sites and blogs.
20% (100,000 coins) will be distributed to our IPO investors.
50% (250,000 coins) will be staked

[size=15pt]Current Free IPO Share Holders[/size]




[size=15pt]Current Website Shares Auction:[/size]

Share#   High Bid    User
Share 1   .5BTC        Telmo
Share 2   .5BTC        qiwoman
Share 3   .5BTC        qiwoman
Share 4   .5BTC        reesev
Share 5   .5BTC        reesev


Chinese Translation - 150 BCTS https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=604405.new - zxm7001
Russian Translation - 150 BCTS https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=604405.new#new - serejandmyself
German Translation - 150 BCTS https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=607343.0 - romawi

[size=15pt]Other Outlets[/size]

http://www.coin38.org/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=6398&page=1&extra=#pid78405 - feifeiq
https://forum.btcsec.com/index.php?/topic/7845-anonsbcts%E2%9C%97%E2%9C%97%E2%9C%97-%E2%8C%A6bitcointalknshop-coin%E2%8C%AB500-tysiach-monetposbesplatnoe-ipo/ - serejandmyself
http://vk.com/bitcoinrus - serejandmyself
http://thisweekscoin.com/forum/index.php/topic,1313.0.html - doriangray
http://[Suspicious link removed]/forum/index.php?topic=436.0 - dukektm
http://scforum.info/index.php/topic,9091.0.html - LionHeart78


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[PRE-ANN] [BCTS] ✗✗✗ ⌦ BCTS Coin ⌫| Registrations OPEN | IPO OPEN | 500K  | ✗✗✗✗ Empty 回复: [PRE-ANN] [BCTS] ✗✗✗ ⌦ BCTS Coin ⌫| Registrations OPEN | IPO OPEN | 500K | ✗✗✗✗

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